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Who We Are

Metaverse Blockchain Solutions is a globally recognized metaverse development services provider. We are a team of tech enthusiasts and industry experts offering a customizable end-to-end development of web3.0-based business solutions. Our clientele is primarily based in the US, UK, Canada, and Arab nations, where the metaverse has become a race. MBS is the one-stop solution for all your metaverse and blockchain-related development services. We provide a hassle-free solution to your business needs, ensuring future-proofing of your enterprise and offering growth assurance. Metaverse Blockchain Solutions believes in versatile offerings, and thus, we also provide dedicated developers based on your business requirements on an hourly basis.

Metaverse Blockchain Solutions
Metaverse Blockchain Solutions
Metaverse Blockchain Solutions
Metaverse Blockchain Solutions
Metaverse Blockchain Solutions
Metaverse Blockchain Solutions

Service We Offer

DApps Development

  • Achieve Zero Downtime
  • No Privacy or Data Theft Issues
  • Decentralized and Distributed Network
  • Data Integrity
  • Distributed Technology

DeFi Development

  • Decentralized Finance Platforms
  • Direct Transactions
  • Eliminate Mediators
  • DeFi Wallets
  • DeFi Tokens
  • DeFi Exchange

3D Commerce Development

  • Immersive 3D Experience
  • Better Customization Scope
  • Phygital Experience
  • Top-notch Security

Metaverse Games Development

  • 3D Gameplays
  • Futuristic Games
  • VR & AR Games
  • Lifestyle Metaverse Games
  • Realistic Games
  • Virtual Meeting Platforms
  • Virtual Tourism platforms

IoT Development

  • Effective Data Sharing
  • Fast Interconnectivity
  • Better Data Security
  • Distributed Data Storages

Educational Metaverse Development

  • Metaverse Classrooms
  • Virtual Books
  • Metaverse Libraries
  • Metaverse AV Labs
  • Metaverse Practical Learning

Healthcare Metaverse Development

  • Distributed Ledger Technology
  • Metaverse clinics
  • Metaverse Multi-speciality Hospitals
  • Metaverse Healthcare Institutions
  • Metaverse Consultation

NFT Marketplace Development

  • Quick Trades
  • Stable Coin
  • NFT Tokens
  • NFT Trading Platforms

Blockchain Development

  • Smart Contracts Development
  • Blockchain For Real Estate
  • Blockchain For Healthcare
  • Blockchain For IoT

Extended Reality Development

  • Augmented Reality Development
  • Virtual Reality Development
  • Mixed Reality Development


  • Socialising games development
  • Virtual games development
  • Engaging Game development
  • 3D games development
  • Play-to-earn development


  • Virtual plots
  • Metaverse Hospital Development
  • Metaverse Sports Entities Development
  • Virtual Shopping Complexes
  • Virtual Race Courses
  • Virtual Stadiums


  • Virtual home development
  • Virtual club development
  • Socialising elements development
  • Immersive 3D games development
  • Virtual travel destination development

Our Development Process


Understanding the requirement

We look forward to understanding the client's requirements to ensure efficient services.


Designing and Framework

Based on your requirements, we design the product and its framework to make it more appealing and tempting.


Prototype Development and Testing

We look ahead to developing and testing the product rigorously post framework designing.